Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wedding Album

I did this album for my sister for a wedding gift.  I normally cover the outside in material and put a frame on it, but this time I didnèt like any of the choices of satin.  I decided at that point to use vinyl on it cut with my cricut machine.  I then put the plastic protector back on it.

pg 1
 The little flourishes came from a Deja Views paper kit

pg 2

pg 3
I cut the labels out on the cricut and put them thru the printer for the place and date.  To think the night before the wedding took place the skies opened up and there was one heck of a downpour.  The ground was pretty soggy in some areas.

pg 4

pg 5
I had a set of rings in the bottom corner of this page but the colours didnèt match so I changed it to the ring box.

pg 6
This is one of my favourite pictures.

pg 7
This one I like too. Just used a rub on and a sticker

pg 8
I used Elegant Edges to cut the Deja Views paper also adding a sticker at the top

pg 9
I used Elegant Edges to cut the Deja Views paper along with a sticker

pg 10

pg 11

pg 12

pg 13
Using the cricut and stickers

pg 14
cricut cuts and bling

pg 15
This summer my sister told my dad even if she had to push him down the aisle in a wheelchair he was giving her away, and as can be seen he did walk her down the aisle

pg 16
The picture of my brother in law wasn't the one I actually attached to the page.  I put this one there to take the picture only
I used Paper Lace cartridge for the white paper and added some rhinestones to it.

pg 17
This is my favourite picture from the photogragher.
Again I used Paper Lace cartridge

pg's 18 & 19
and good times it was!

pg 20

pg 21
Rose giving to the mom's during the ceremony

pg 22

pg 23

pg 24
I love this little car.  I put some rhinestone bling on it for mirrors.  Not sure if you can see but the bumper actually has some of her confetti on it saying "Happily Ever After".  There is other confetti glued onto this page also
I got the blame for all the confetti and decorating the car.  In this picture and the next one I had to do it so I was implicating others. 

pg 25
2 of the bridesmaids, one of their husbands, my daughter, the bride's own son are all in these pictures.  I am onlyin one of them so hopefully they take the spotlight off of
The day after the wedding she called her house and spoke to me saying "And is there something you need to tell me?"  I held a straight face and could not get off the phone quick enough so I could laugh and tell the other bridesmaid.


  1. Now you have got me motivated to make my Wedding album...better yet...why don't I send you my pics and you can make it for me?!? Great job...lovely work!!!

    1. Well should we put a time limit on it for you. I can't wait to see the pics.

  2. that's right tammy, crack that whip!! get to work on it tricia!! how long have you been married and your album isn't done yet? geepers!! what are you waiting for!! i did a 25th anniversary one!

  3. Love your blog, and your album!!! So glad I joined!

  4. Tammy, this is is a wonderful album! You did a great job on it and I love that you walked us through it step by step. Thanks for posting this and for stopping by my blog. I just joined yours and look forward to seeing more of your creations. :)