Thursday, November 22, 2012


I have to say it has been a long hard couple of weeks.  November 8/12 was supposed to be a good day.  It was my mom's 66th birthday.  She had finally joined the 66'er Club along with 2 of her Best Friends.  I must say though her birthday was not spent the way we normally would have spent it: sitting in the hospital IMCU waiting to hear the news I will forever dread hearing or the way we would have like to have spent it..  Things weren't looking good and she was not expected to make a recovery.  We were asked to give 48 hrs for treatment to let her show us what she was able to do.  My sister and brother were called in.  After a long drive with a 2 month old little guy, not knowing if they would make it in time, my sister and her family got here.  
We all have known my Mom's wishes since we were little and talked about it.  Nov 10/12 is a day that a community of family and friends will never forget.
After all has been said and done, thank yous need to go out to many people.  She has 3 BFF's that I feel deserve a little bit more than just a Thank You card.  The one BF she has known for at least 37/38 yrs and every January 25 Mom would make a birthday cake and take it to her house.  Every Nov 8th, this BF would get a cake and bring it to Mom's house.  This year was no different as just as I was heading out to the hospital she was pulling in with the cake.   No phone calls required.  It started out as an after supper thing but since they became neighbours a few yrs back it was an earlier in the day party.  The other 2 BFF's made up 2/3rds of the 66'er Club and have been friends for 57yrs.  WOW!! that goes back to when they were only 9 yrs old they met.  I sure hope I have some friends like that.  I can think of a couple. 
I decided to make these charms to attach to their thank you cards as a very special thank you memory to cherish for them for always being there for her and us right to the end, doing the little things that were needed.
Evelyn's  Card (above)

Pat's card (above)
Cora's Card (above)
Once again Cora, Evelyn & Pat, I cannot say THANKS enough to you 3 wonderful BFF's.
I love you all......Tammy. 
Not only do I but all of us do.
I know these 3 Special Women will cherish these forever. My mom could not have ever had better BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Advent Calendar

Bright Ideas
Somehow I thought making an advent calendar would be easy...
Well it started with a whol lot of pieces as shown above and below

Then came to putting all the little shelf like boxes in for the treats to sit upon inside.  These right now are glued to the front of it.

This is now waiting to be filled with all the little goodies. 
I was surprised how easy it was to put together, with just making sure that the doors don't get glued shut.  Also another little tip is that the sides don't need any fancy little paper for them as the ribbon covers it anyhow
These are the papers I used for the sides of it.  Aren't they sweet....well they are covered now by the is where the file for this can be found

Friday, November 2, 2012

Latest DT Project

Santa Box
I made this Santa box as my latest project for Creative Kuts2 DT. 

Here is a straight on view of the box. I used a DecoArt Glistening Snow Writer
on the fur of the hat and the pompoms. I used Liquid Appliqué on the beard, moustache
and his eyebrows so they have some dimension added to them. I just used a little bit of ribbon
 to tie it at the top of the box.
Please don't hesitate to stop by the store and browse their many files they have. 
New files being added regularly.
all files only $3.00 and come in a variety of cutting formats
I got my Liquid Appliqué from CTMH.  It is available thru my link
item # z308