Monday, September 23, 2013


Being that "Little Man" is only just over a yr old I wanted something that he may be able to use later also.
I made this Halloween bag for my "Little Man" to take fill with little things for him.  

I started to make it out of a bag made of the same material as the reusable shopping bags but quickly found out that you cannot iron on them as they melt.  I had some black cotton laying around so I made a small bag with it.  

This picture above is the sides just folded in

This above picture is the back of the bag. 
 Overall I am very pleased with the way it turned out finally.  

Files are from Svg Cutting files, Svg Cuts & the font is Blackwood Castle

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Man

I made this banner for my youngest nephew who just happened to turn 1 exactly a month ago. 
 Dawn told me she was going to buy a banner so I offered to make one for him. 
 I was going to ask her if she wanted one earlier but thought
she would have said something if she did. 
 I had one week to design it and cut it out before we were leaving to go to her house in Barrie. 
 I showed her my thoughts on it before I cut it and she really liked it. 
 I didn't want to use scalloped circles as it seemed to girly like for a little boy. 
I just loved this file when I seen it.  I knew it was going to go on an outfit for Little Man for his birthday.  It is a file from Miss Kate Cuttables
On the arm I also did the wings that were in the file.
I also did a pair of track pants with the wings down on the bottom of the left pant leg with his initial in the center of it.

Here is another outfit I did for him with HTV.  

The saying on the shirt is "One in a Minion"  which he is exactly that. 
Pants back pocket match the minion on the front of the shirt.

What is a 1st birthday without the birthday boy having his own cake to play in.
Here are the cupcakes everyone else got to enjoy. 
The little toppers said "Tyson is 1"
I cut them out with the cameo and wrote on them with it also.
Here is the Cake topper that was made to match the colours of the banner.
Now let the fun begin!
He wasn't quite sure to begin with but didn't take him long to get right into the icing.

Ooh it is squishy! It makes noise when I squish too.

Tastes not too bad

No point in having 1 clean hand.

Hmmm  Yummy

Lets dig in two hands together

Needing a drink if only I can hold my bottle. 
  For some reason it is pretty slippery

This is my most favourite picture that I captured the week I was there.
There is just something about this Cutie I love. I cannot get enough of him.
He is "Just Plane Cute"!
Bath time to clean up the icing.  How much can I get on mom while she tries to get me to the tub....
Happy 1st Birthday Little Man.  Auntie loves you to the moon and back.