Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby Albums

This is typically the cover I do on the albums for babies and I just change the lace from blue/pink/yellow.  This cover has white lace but you can see some shimmer colours in it as I can no longer find the lace I typically use.

All these pictures have come from 3 albums and I have just put them in here to show the different ones I have done.  Some of the pages I may make the same for each album including colours and some I do do according to boy or girl colours


  1. Tammy...what a sweet baby book! My fave page is the "Mom and Me" & "Dad and Me". I love it! Great job! Now I need to start working on my daughters baby book and she's already 6...Great! Maybe I'll finish before her 16th b-day?! ~ LOL

  2. nice pages. wish i could preplan an album. i can never wrap my head around the idea

    1. Jennifer these are some pages I have made for others albums for gifts to new parents. I started with making paper bag albums and didn't take any pics and I used to only cover the outside of the album (copied from someone who made my kids them. I decided do the inside of the album and everyone seems to like them..Now I just need to get my kids albums done too. Feel free to use as examples. I also have poems I put on them that I would gladly share