Saturday, May 18, 2013


As many of you have seen thru my blog or chatting with you I have a new Man in my life.  He is 9 months old today.  I had been looking for a transparent piggy bank like this since before he was born.  I just happened to be at the bank for my work and seen this one there.  If you look closely in the top picture you can see the banks logo thru the piggy bank. 
I took pieces of vinyl and made different sizes of circles and
ovals to place on it in different colours. 
I also put his name on one side and the other side has "Stash" on it
I was planning to give him this on our visit to him from May 6th-May 13th, but funny how life throws curve balls into things.  I did end up having a quick little visit with him on May 6th but not the way I wished it was.  Hopefully I will get to have another visit with him soon on better grounds. 
Auntie loves ya Tyson!