Saturday, March 16, 2013

Door Signage

I made this sign for the office at my hubby's work.  The fellow didn't care what colour/size/font. He said it was my decision.  This was the same individual who the last baby album was made for.
This sign was made for the bottom of the window as I guess there was
 questions on where to put the mail. 
Hopefully now it is clear. 
I had never been there before to see the window.  I was just given dimensions for it. 
Looking just below the window there is a little sign on the door and it is almost the same shade of colour.  Guess my  colour choice was a good one.
Hubby asked me if I could make a sign for the MS Society for their door also.  Being who and what it was for I donated it to them as it is a worthy cause.  So many people are inflicted with it including an aunt of mine. 


  1. Good job on the signs, and I think the mail slot was hard to see too before you put that one up. :)

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  2. Great job on the signs! :) I'm already a follower from Deezys :) :)

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