Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Friend Tile

I made this tile for a special lady who is turning 80 on January 24/13.  She was one of the ladies who was a BFF to my Mom for 35+ yrs.  The words I chose are the words my Mom would have spoken if she was asked to describe her.  She is also a bird and flower lover. 

This is the first tile I did and am loving how easy it is to do.
 I loved doing the glitter vinyl on it also.  The wing has the glittered vinyl. 
 Here is a close up shot of the bird.


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    1. Thanks Creative M. I really enjoy making it. As I was putting each word on it I couldn't believe how much it changed as each word was placed on it.

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    1. Thank you Laura. The lady who I made it for just loved it

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    1. Thank you Marji. The lady I made it for absolutely loved it. And to think the cost was very low. It was left over tile and could use scraps of vinyl. I am planning to make a few other ones for some special people. Just need to come up with the right combination of words