Monday, December 3, 2012

Glass Block Etching & Decorating

I etched some snowflakes on this glass block.  The snowflakes are from the cartridge Winter Lace
The Etch cream says to leave it on for a few min, but I left this on for at least an hour to have the desired look.  All different sizes of snowflakes can be used.  First off you cut vinyl to fit the block and then use your machine to cut out the snowflakes.  Then place your vinyl onto the glass block laying it flat on it.  Start filling in all the snowflakes with etch cream. 
Once you have left the cream on and it has worked its magic (take care not to get on your skin) you need to rinse it off well with warm water. 
I then put a set of blue lights in the block and put some ribbon around it and tied the bow on the top.  The Cord for the lights comes out on the side of the block

Hope you enjoyed this.  It really does look beautiful all lit up.
I am sure the recipient will enjoy it


  1. that's cool, how did you get the second photo to turn out so well?? I tried with a similar project of mine, but was unsuccessful... anyway, great job on both the art and the photography of the art!!

    1. Jean I shut the lights out and took it with no flash on camera either. I have to usually take a few pics to get it just right. Thanks for the love.