Saturday, October 6, 2012


I have a new nephew who is almost 2 months old. 
I made this little onesie for him.  I know he is going to love it.  I used Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl for this project.
I made it in 12 month size hoping he will get to wear it some.
NEXT is Christmas Ornament

I used some floor wax for a adhesive and made sure it covered all over inside
 and then drained any excess out.
I then poured some glitter in and shook it all about til it was all covered
and could not see any light and then poured all excess glitter out.

I then cut some vinyl and made the picture shown above and also put Tyson's inital on the opposite side as shown above.

Here is the finished ornament with Baby's First Christmas wrote on it even.
 I have to thank a friend (Kristine from down under) for helping me make the pattern right for the onesie.  Not only thanks for this pattern but for many patterns I have already gotten from her and I am sure many more that I may  Thanks so much Kristine P.


  1. Thankyou Tammy and you are so incredibly welcome my friend. Love how this turned out mate, and love love love that Christmas Bauble :)

  2. I love the poop loading onesie... wish i would have had it for my three... hilarious.