Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birthday Present

Happy Birthday comes once a year for us all. 
 Seeings as it is my baby sister's 40th birthday I have decided to make something for her.
I do have something else I am making for her also but it is still in pieces. When it is together I will post the finished product.

I decided to make this cupcake box as part of her present.  I am going to fill it with some chocolate for her.  Hmm What's her favourite chocolate.  Guess I will need to find this

Here is a view of the finished one

View with the top off.  It is about 4" tall
Here is another view with the lid sitting on it cock eyed.
Now just to get it to her as we live 16 hrs
Here are the numbers I have put together for her. 
They were fun to
The pattens are from

Here is the picture of both items together. 
 I still have to put some chocolates in the cupcake and
 then figure out what I will do to get them to her


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    1. Once done the rest (hopefully tonight) I will take some pics and post them also. I cut out the 3d #'s 4 & 0 to go with it