Thursday, April 4, 2013

Owl Box

This Owl box is a file that should be available soon from Creative Kuts. 
 It is a great little treat box for any special person.  I have chosen to fill it with flowers.
This was one of the projects the 3D team had to work on for the month of March.  I am a little behind on mine as I have has some crazy days and also am fighting a cold that has taken up residence in my body. 
I decided to give this owl box to my Mother In Law when I meet her for lunch on friday.  I know she really doesnt care for candy so I figured some flowers in it would serve its purpose for her for belated Easter Present.


  1. aww Tammy, that turned out cute. She better like it!! Get better soon!

  2. Super cute!!!!


  3. this is amazing... I love it.. it was worth the wait...